Extracurricular Activities Registration Instructions

** Payment options at checkout:

  • in FULL via Credit Card online at time of order
  • in FULL via VISA Debit Card online at time of order (VISA Debit is available from most banks and is connected to your chequing account – use this option if you prefer to pay up-front and not with credit. )

We can only accept payment via these two methods – if you can ONLY pay using cheque or EFT, contact info@roslynhands.ca directly to make arrangements DAYS PRIOR to placing your order. We will not be able to assist you the day registration opens.


  1. Use the filter checkboxes on the left side to narrow down your choices – there are 55 activities available!
  2. Click on the name of the activity you would like to register your child for.

    NOTE: when you view the activity details you may see multiple choices with “Select options” button next to each. Simply click the button next to the matching GRADE for your child and then continue to follow the instructions below.

  3. Enter your child’s full name in the Student First Name  and Student Last Name fields (required).
  4. If you are registering for an AFTER SCHOOL non-sport activity, you will be required to confirm that your child will be picked up at the end of their activity – there is no after school care provided for those activities due to government regulations.
  5. Select your child’s homeroom from the drop list (required).
  6. Add notes about the order – any food allergies, etc., if applicable (optional).
  7. Click Add to cart.
  8. You will be redirected back to the ECA store where you should see a message confirming the activity was added to your cart, along with the COUNTDOWN timer informing you how much time you have to complete your registration. IF that time runs out (you are given 30 minutes) before you complete your checkout, the activity will be removed from your cart and someone else will then have the opportunity to select it.
  9. You will also see all the items currently in your cart, with View Cart and Checkout buttons. Click View Cart only when you are done adding the last order for your last child.
  10. To order the same activity for more than one child, after you clicked Add to cart for the first one, you can go to the same activity and enter your next child’s Student First/Last Name, change the Homeroom, and click Add to Cart again. You will get a warning if you try to add to cart again without changing the student name and/or homeroom. Repeat until all your children’s orders have been added to the cart. NOTE: all activities are restricted to specific grades – you can not add a child from a grade not included in the homeroom drop-down.
  11. On the View Cart page
    1.  Review the order and make sure the details are correct – especially pay attention to the DAY each activity is on – your child cannot be in two places at once! (i.e. lunch-Tuesday can only be there once per child)
    2. Ensure the homeroom and student name(s) are entered correctly.
    3. Click Proceed to Checkout.
  12. Fill out all the required fields (marked with an *).
  13. Finally, enter your credit card details to make payment online, or PLACE ORDER if you have been provided with a coupon code. We will not receive your order until the order has been completed. You will receive an automated email confirmation from the website when the order is placed. IF YOU DO NOT RECEIVE THIS EMAIL WITHIN 10 MINUTES – double-check you completed the order and there were no errors. IF you’re sure you completed the order but still do not receive the email, please contact us.


In the event that an activity sells out, a Waitlist option with the same name will open. To join a waitlist (in case a second class is added, or a student changes their mind), follow the same steps as above and be sure to COMPLETE the checkout process – even though there is no fee to join the waitlist (the price will show as ON SALE for $0). This will timestamp your child on the waitlist and if spots open up, the activities coordinator will go to the waitlist in order and arrange to collect payment accordingly.