Dino Discovery – Monday – Lunch – Gr PreK-2 – WINTER

10-week session starting Jan. 23 see all dates


NOTE: If your child is registered in YOGA (gr 1-2) OR ROBOTICS WINTER (gr 1-2) on Mondays, they CANNOT participate in Dino Discovery. Do not register them for Dino Discovery WINTER.

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We are climbing aboard our time machine and setting it to the year 150,000,000 B.C. Our mission; A DINOSAUR DISCOVERY! In this very interactive course, our “mini” paleontologists will create their own fossil imprints, participate in a fossil dig, and a paper mosaic project, and participate in fossil dig, all while getting to touch and feel dino skeletons, true-to size dino claws, bones and teeth! On the last class, participants will receive their very own authentic dinosaur bone fragment to take home! Get ready to learn about Tyrannasaurus Rex, Stegasaurus, Diplodocus, Pterydactyl and more!

7 spots available (as of registration re-opening)

Instructor: McKenzie Verdon

Apt. Art Room