Kid fitness – Wednesday – Lunch – Gr PreK-2 – WINTER


WINTER 10-week session starting Jan. 25  see all dates


NOTE: If your child is registered in CHESS (gr 1-2) OR KID SCIENCE WINTER on Wednesdays, they CANNOT participate in Kid Fitness. Do not register them for Kid Fitness – WINTER.

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Please list any allergies or describe any condition we may need to be aware of in order to safeguard your child and to be able to deliver the best possible experience.

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Television, computers, and video games have replaced many of the physical activities children once enjoyed and fitness seems to have taken a backseat. This course is designed to bring back the FUN in FITNESS! The emphasis is on having fun and feeling good while getting a great workout. This program challenges children to be active and develop fundamental skills such as balance, coordination, agility, strength, and cardiovascular conditioning. Regular exercise can help alleviate problems due to hyperactivity, low concentration, obesity, asthma & other allergies, anger & self control issues, shyness & self-esteem to name just a few! Warning: Certain games may cause happiness and result in giggles, laughter, and self-love!

9 spots available (as of registration re-opening)

Instructor: Stéphanie Nairn

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