Private Piano – Wednesday – After School – Gr 1-6 – 2024-25

$834.00 Choose: 1-payment of $834* OR 3-payments of $278* each (today, Aug. 31 & Oct. 31)

32-week session starts September 18 *see all dates (to come) 

WEDNESDAYS – AFTER SCHOOL – 3:45-5:45 (4x 30 mins spots)

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MUST READ: After School Supervision Program

This year (2024-25), after school supervision will be offered to ALL children enrolled in the after school activities program on the day(s) for which they are registered. This service is included in the registration fees.

You will need to select your child’s dismissal option below and confirm you have read the Pick Up Protocol Policies at checkout.

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OPTIONAL: Please list any allergies or describe any condition we may need to be aware of in order to safeguard your child and to be able to deliver the best possible experience.


This class will offer students an introduction to piano. Students will be learning basic skills, reading music, playing as a group, and practicing proper technique in a fun environment. In general, the course will stress creativity, while offering a strong musical foundation and wide exposure to piano.

By invitation ONLY

Instructor: Corina