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In line with the mandated directives, all Grades 1-6 students are required to wear masks while on school grounds. This includes both the lunch and after school activities program.

PICK UP PROTOCOL: (Monday-Thursday)

As safety is always our first concern for all Roslyn students, we ask that you please review with your child(ren).

This year, after school supervision will be offered ONLY to children enrolled in the after-school sports activities (Soccer, Cosom Hockey, Martial Arts and Basketball) programs, and only on the day(s) for which they are registered.

Due to the current restriction, distancing, covid protocols, and lack of space, we can no longer accommodate children in other after-school programs at this time. It is a mandatory requirement that you pick up your child/children at the appointed finish time of their activity.

After school dismissal and pick up will be via the front entrance of the school ONLY.

  • There will be a supervisor at the front door to dismiss your children.
  • You are asked to remain at the front entrance until such time as your children are brought to you. Please DO NOT enter the school to retrieve forgotten items or homework
  • It is recommended that you arrive a few minutes prior to your pickup time to ensure that you meet your child at the front entrance.
  • You will be required to sign out your child/children out with the supervisor to ensure that they are leaving with a responsible adult or guardian.
  • If your child has permission to leave on their own after the activity is over, we ask that you please advise the supervisor at your first pick up or send a note with your child.
  • A timely pick up is essential for us to limit contact and congestion and to facilitate a smooth and fluid dismissal.

Late fees of $5 per 5 minutes will be applied and your child/children will not be allowed to return to the activities program until these fees are paid in full. Three (3) late pickups and your child will be permanently removed from ALL after school activities without refund.

All these measures will help to ensure every child’s safety. Your cooperation is not only appreciated but required to ensure the smooth running of the activities program and the safety of all.

Please take note of the after-school supervisors’ number and contact her in case of an emergency.

Debbi Jardine                                                       Heather Teich
Activities Coorinator                                           After school supervisor

activitiescoordinator@roslynhands.ca            514-222-6290


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