Teacher and Staff Appreciation Week


Every year, in February, the Home and School teams up with all Roslyn parents to express our gratitude for the dedication and professionalism of our teachers and staff. Every day, they do their very best to keep our kids happy, healthy, and learning. Never has this been more true.

With your generous donations, HandS will coordinate coffee, treats and gifts. But it doesn’t have to stop there! Encourage your kids to write or draw something for their teachers; these personal gestures and messages mean more than anything.

 2022 Teacher and Staff Appreciation week, February 15-18 was a big success thanks to the generosity of parents like you! Check back in the fall to help plan for Teacher and Staff Appreciation Week 2023!


Thank you to everyone who has already donated! If you haven’t and would like to, please send an e-transfer to roslynhandstreasurer@gmail.com.



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