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Dear Parent/Guardian,


Registration for Pre-kindergarten, Kindergarten, and ALL After School programs for grades 1-6 IS NOW CLOSED. We are allowing limited registration requests until 7 p.m. Friday, Sep 30 – click here to submit a request.

NOTE: All after-school activities will start as scheduled the week of October 3rd EXCEPT FOR MONDAY ACTIVITIES – they will begin the week of October 17th.

Please note that October 3rd is election day and there will be no school therefore no after school activities. Hebrew will begin October 24th as the 17th is a Jewish holiday.

We would like to announce the re-opening of registration for the ECA (Extra Curricular Activities) program.

NOTE: Several lunch activities offer both Fall and Winter sessions and are identified as “Fall or Winter”. Should you choose to register your child for Winter classes, please do so at this time as there will be no other registration time.

There have been many changes to the activities schedule (latest update Saturday, Sep 24 @ 3pm). We strongly encourage you to visit below to preview the newly scheduled program offerings.

Lunch activities for ALL grade levels will start the week of October 17th.

Registration for LUNCH ACTIVITIES for grades 1-6 ONLY will RE-OPEN on Tuesday, October 4th starting at 7 am.

All Registration, for both Fall and Winter sessions, will close on Friday, October 7th at 7 pm.

Kindergarten & Pre-K Only: Registration IS NOW CLOSED!


We are allowing limited registration requests for After School and Pre-K & K activities until 7 p.m. on Friday, Sep 30 – click here to submit a request.

Registration will RE-OPEN to grades 1-6 for LUNCH Activities ONLY as of Tuesday, October 4th @ 7 a.m. and will close at 7 p.m. on Friday, October 7th @ 7 p.m. for both Fall and Winter sessions.

Every year, each family is required to sign up as a Home and School (HandS) member before ECA registration day.

Log into your account (My Account) before registering. If you are new to Roslyn, simply click on the “Become a Roslyn HandS member” button and your account will be created at checkout.

Should you be unable to log into your existing account or can not reset your password, please email BEFORE registration commences.


The instructors are there to teach their specialty, as such, we ask that you review the following with your child/children.    

 The program operates under the “3 strikes and you’re out” rule.

  • 1st strike, a written note will be sent home with your child explaining the situation.
  • 2nd strike, your child will be suspended from the activity the following week.
  • 3rd strike, you child will be removed from the activity permanently and without refund. 

All participants enrolled in the activities program are required to respect the instructor, each other, as well as the environment in which the course is held.

Children bring and eat their lunches in the assigned activity rooms. We therefore request that you refrain from ordering from the “hot lunch program” on a day where your child has an activity and send them with a quick and easy lunch. This will allow for more time in the activity.

We are immensely proud of the diverse offerings of the Activities Program and hope that you will be able to find an activity which will engage your child and enrich their Roslyn school experience. 

Should you require financial assistance, sponsorship or if you have any other questions or concerns, please feel free to contact the program coordinator BEFORE registration commences.

Debbi Jardine @


View the after school activities schedule by clicking here.

To add the activities to your personal calendar, click on the activity and ‘View all’ to see all the dates. Then subscribe to the calendar for that activity to add it to your own calendar.



STEP 1: Log in prior to registration *Highly Recommended*

Click on My Account in the menu to log into your account. If you don’t have an account already, your account will be created at checkout, where you will be required to enter your information.

Please note that all existing home and school accounts which were created in the Fall of 2021 are NOT VALID for this new school year (2022-23).  Please be sure you have signed up for the 2022-23 Home & School Membership.

Step 2: Choose your activities

You can browse and preview the activities offerings by using the buttons below. Click on an activity for more details.

NOTE: Please review the After School Pick Up Protocol prior to registering for any After School activity.

We ALSO encourage you to read the Policies and Procedures now, because you will have to check that you have read them when you register.

Step 3: Get ‘tickets’ for the activities and proceed to checkout

When you view the activity, click on the + next to the ticket and then click “Get Tickets” button to fill in the student details.

You only have 30 minutes after adding the first item to your cart to checkout. After each ticket purchase, you will be redirected to the cart or checkout page. If you are done adding all activities, go to checkout, OTHERWISE, choose ‘Save and view cart’ when adding your tickets so when on the cart page you can use the “Register for More Activities” button to go back to add more activities.

NOTE: You DO NOT have to register for each child SEPARATELY – you can add as many activities to your cart as you wish, for any number of children. Just be mindful of the time. It is recommended to review the activities BEFORE registration to have your choices ready, in priority, to have the best chance.

Step 4: Complete your checkout and log off the website

Prior to checking out we ask that you please review your purchases to ensure that you have no conflict. Double check your personal information and that of your child’s is accurate. Click on “Edit Attendee Details” on the checkout page. Make sure that the email you enter is the best form of contact as your receipt and future communications will be sent to this email address after checking out.


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